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Biosensing USA received the 2019 GHP Best Global Life Science Instruments Supplier award

We are glad to see Biosensing USA win the award from GHP for the Best Global Life Sciences Instruments Supplier. GHP (Global Health and Pharma) magazine is a global information sharing platform & a multi-disciplinary member’s community. The journal was established to enhance communication networks & collaboration across all themes and disciplines within three main categories; Human, Animal & Environmental Health.

This award demonstrates BI’s ongoing commitment to excellent and innovation,” said Dr Tianwei Jing, President of BI. “The new SPR microscopy systems installed around the world are changing the way biophysical properties measurements of cell membrane proteins are done in early drug discovery phase. We are excited that GHP recognizes our dedication to being at the forefront of innovation.

Biosensing SPRm200 is the latest innovation making possible to directly measure on the cells, the affinity of proteins removing the bias of changes that could occurs when those proteins are extracted from their native environment.

You can find more information on SPRm200 here below and even request a demo by contacting our Sales and Application Specialist !