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Pharma leaders early adopters of SPRm provide you application notes, don’t miss the train !

SPRm 200 is a multi-award winning system that measures binding affinity and kinetics of cell membrane proteins label-free, in real time and in vitro.

Visualization of whole cells and measurement of SPR binding can be done simultaneously as well as providing statistical results of the binding data.


Here are SPRm 200’s most recent application notes:


Small molecule targeting GPCR

A collaboration with AstraZeneca, binding affinity and kinetics measurements of a 300 Da small molecule targeting GPR39 is presented statistically. HEK 293 used in this experimental assay.


Live suspension cells binding

A Pfizer collaboration, live Ramos (B) cells are captured on a SPRm chip to study the binding with lectin (wheat-germ agglutinin). KD, ka/kd data reported via histograms.


SPRm Impedance

Based on paper from ASU and John Hopkins, SPRm is combined with electrochemistry to measure small molecule binding to virus transfected to display GPCRs on their viral envelopes.