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Symposium on Biophysical and Particle Characterization (Cambridge, UK)

Dear specialist,


Instrumat is proud to announce you the Biophysical and Particle Characterization Symposium in Cambridge (UK) the 19th February 2019


The workshops will show you the specific features of each technique that can be used to improve your workflow in the development of new biopharmaceutical. It has been focused on the challenges that scientists, lab heads and department managers in industry, CRO/CDMO sector and academia are dealing with :

  • protein characterization
  • candidate selection
  • formulation development
  • stability profiling
  • analysis of aggregation content and extended particle characterization
  • bio similarity and comparability analysis
  • method and best practices development for the above applications

As from now, already several scientists from the cutting-edge pharma companies have registered, it could be then also a good place to do your networking.


Please find at bottom of this news, the flyer with the agenda of the symposium.


The registration is now open and is free of cost.

Register here