Our current highlight instrument

Malvern Zetasizer Advance

Each of the three models in the Zetasizer Advance Range offers particle size, particle charge (zeta potential) and molecular weight analysis. In addition, each benefits from advances including Adaptive Correlation, M3-PALS zeta potential analysis, constant current zeta mode and Malvern’s deep learning-based data quality advice system. The Ultra has the unique capacity to perform calibration-free particle concentration measurements with ease, even deep into the nano size range. Fit to ISO 13321 and ISO 22412. Typical applications cover, inks, pigments, liposomes, micelles, polymers, carbon nano particles, gold, biomolecules and vesicles.

PT3D: PowerTome 3D

The PT3D features a full 1 mm of advance, permitting uninterrupted, ultra-thin sectioning to a depth of one millimeter for TEM, SEM, block facing for AFM, TOFSIMS, LM, and CEMOVIS. This unique advantage is especially beneficial for 3D reconstruction work, array tomography, and any situation where high amounts of precision specimen trimming are involved. User-friendly control interface that is activated by touching the monitor screen or by mouse, while maintaining use of the tactile digital controller.