Dr Tristan Bolmont
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The advanced modular bioreactor series represents the latest advancements in automation, software and mechanical engineering applied to the bioprocess industry. Industrial standard technologies, high-flexibility, modularity, easy upgrades and replacements, guaranteed long-term spare part availability.

  • High Flexibility and Reliability via PLC automation and BIOFLEX TM Software
  • Modularity and upgrades at any time thanks to our new concept Modular design
  • Quality without compromise only certified materials are selected
  • Complete documentation. IOQ, DQ and components traceability for GLP and cGMP
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Smart pH and D.O. probes
  • Fully integrated accuracy monitoring
  • Monitoring of all sensor functions, status of the sensor quality
  • Variable or fix speed peristaltic pumps,
  • Liquid metering pump adapted for pumping sterile fluids and/or foodstuffs.
Control for each bioreactor :
  • 2 x pH
  • 2 x pO2
  • 2 x temperature
  • 2 x level and foam
  • 2 x stirrer speed
  • 2 x pressure
  • up to 8 x variable or fix speed pumps
  • up to 8 x MFC’s or rotameters
  • 2 x load cells
  • up to 8 x balances
  • Human: 15.6″ or 19″ large screen size (human interface touch-screen)
  • Digital: Canopen, Interbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, ModBus, RS232/485, Ethernet, USB