Malvern Zetasizer ZSP

The world’s most widely used system. It is used for the measurement of the size, electrophoretic mobility of proteins, zeta potential of colloids and nanoparticles, and optionally the measurement of protein mobility and microrheology of protein and polymer solutions. The high performance of the Zetasizer Nano ZS also enables the measurement of the molecular weight and second virial coefficient, A2, of macromolecules and kD, the DLS interaction parameter. Fit to ISO 13321 and ISO 22412.

  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).
  • Static Light Scattering (SLS).
  • Electrophoretic mobility (LDE).
  • Zetapotential (LDE).
  • Optimization: Automatic.
  • Minimum sample size: 12µl (DLS); 20µl (LDE).
  • Typical measurement time: < 60 sec.
  • Sensitivity: 0.1mg/mL Lysozyme (DLS) ; 1mg/mL Lysozyme (LDE).
  • Temparature range: 0 to 90 deg C.
  • DLS: size range 0.15nm – 5µm (radius)
  • LDE and zeta: 1.9nm – 50µm (radius)
  • Accuracy 0.6%
  • Repeatability Better than 2% variation
  • Accuracy Better than 2% variation
  • Build-it data evaluation and expert advice.
  • Built-in tools for method development according to ISO-13321.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Enables an operating mode that assists with ER/ES compliance.
  • Flexible reporting.
  • About 50 samples per 8 h day
  • Autosampler with 96 vials.
  • 320mm x 600mm x260mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight 19 kg