Dr. Tristan Bolmont
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PT3D: PowerTome 3D

The PT3D features a full 1 mm of advance, permitting uninterrupted, ultra-thin sectioning to a depth of one millimeter for TEM, SEM, block facing for AFM, TOFSIMS, LM, and CEMOVIS. This unique advantage is especially beneficial for 3D reconstruction work, array tomography, and any situation where high amounts of precision specimen trimming are involved. User-friendly control interface that is activated by touching the monitor screen or by mouse, while maintaining use of the tactile digital controller.


Ultra-thin sections for TEM, SEM, block facing for AFM, TOFSIMS, LM, and CEMOVIS Ergonomic stereo microscope system with unique lateral viewing control Hybrid control system includes touch screen monitor plus digital tactile controller.

  • Specimen auto feed : 1 mm (1,000 µm; 1,000,000 nm)
  • Section thickness : 0nm to 15µm
  • Cutting speed : 0.1 to 100mm/sec in 0.1mm/sec increments
  • Knife stage movement : 50mm gross advance, 25mm E-W travel, 12mm N-S advance
  • Return speed : variable over entire cutting speed range
  • Stereo microscope trinocular Zeiss Stemi 508
  • Four types of LED illumination
  • Zoom 8:1
  • Magnification 6.3x to 50x magnification
  • Eyepieces 10x WF (23mm)
  • Viewing angle 35°
  • High-definition video package showing work area with built-in video measuring system
  • Record & save video clips & still images
  • Built-in report generator, database, & diagnostic routines for automatic documentation

65 cm (L) x 40 cm (l) x 55 cm (H); 45 kg