Microfluidics Technology To Produce Water Soluble CBD and THC Nanoemulsions


Water soluble derivatives from Cannabis have an increasing interest and market is growing up quickly. From pharma from a daily product, thoses derivatives with [...]

05 Apr 2019 |

Phospholipids in Parental Emulsions in collaboration with Lipoid (online webinar)

Phospholipids are used in Parenteral Emulsions, there are a very large portfolio of phospholipids that have different origins (vegetable, animal, sythetic), different behavior as a function of p [...]

16 Jan 2019 |

Symposium on Biophysical and Particle Characterization (Cambridge, UK)

Dear specialist,


Instrumat is proud to announce you the Biophysical and Particle Characterization Symposium in Cambridge [...]

26 Nov 2018 |

Demo Day Workshops in Switzerland 16 and 18 october 2018


16th / 18th October 2018   –   Fribourg / Zurich    –    10am – [...]

31 Aug 2018 |

OMNISEC software v10.4 is out

Please find here below the link to downlaod the last version of OMNISEC software. 10.4 version is now windows 10 64 bits compatible. There is also the possibility to delete information from data [...]

25 Jun 2018 |

Launch of the new ZetaSizer Pro and Ultra – Insert some Artificial Intelligence into your data!

The live launch of the new Zetasizer Pro and Zetasizer Ultra

We’re proud to introduce a major step forward in light scattering characterization by unveiling the brand [...]

09 May 2018 |