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Metal Powdering Solutions for Additive Manufacturing Technologies

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ATO LAB technology is based on a process where the material is melted and spheroidized in liquid state. ATO produces metal powders using an ultrasonic atomization technology. The right vibration of amplitude induces the atomization of the liquid metal, which then solidifies in the form of spherical powder. The working principle of ATO is based on electric arc melting of the input material supplied in form of wire or rod the powder is carried by the shield gas. The desired material is separated in a cyclone and directed to the tight storage reservoir. ATO Lab allows you to quickly produce high quality metal powders. Due to the ordered nature of the atomization process, the output powder has a very narrow particle size distribution, closely depending on the chosen ultrasound frequency. For example, for a frequency of 35 kHz, 70% of 316L steel particles are in the diameter range of 40 to 60 µm.


• Highest quality powders
• Process flexibility
• No limitations in minimum powder quantity
• Wide range of alloys
• Cost-effective production
• Affordable price
• Scalable system structure


• Process: metal powders production
• Technology: Ultrasonic atomization
• Melting method: TIG / induction
• Sonotrode type: half-wave nanoalloy sonotrode – patent pending
• Inert gas flushing method: vacuum pump
• Cooling method: liquid
• Processable materials: non-reactive & reactive alloys (e.g. Ti, Al, Zr-based alloys, intermetallics and refractory metals)
• Powder quality: high flowability, spherical particles shape, narrow PSD, low oxygen content
• PSD (particle size distribution): 20-120 um
• Powder collection system: cyclone
• Protective atmosphere preparation time: < 5 min
• Input material: any shape
• Certification: CE
• ultrasonic frequency: 35kHz ( + upgrade t o higher frequency )
• O2 level (delta ): <150 ppm
• system throughput: up to 0.3 l/h


Software quality lies at the heart of every user experience. Our team is aware of it and that is why we have equipped ATO Lab plus with our dedicated, versatile and user-friendly software. The operator can execute the process using a conveniently placed touch screen. The purpose was to build a handy control system allowing for the independent adjustment of every process parameter, including the ultrasonic and melting units.


• 1070mm x 1539mm x 1997mm (L x W x H)
• Weight 700 kg