Services around our instruments and machines


  • Contract laboratory for analytics services
  • Proof-of-concept studies in our laboratory
  • Evaluation of instruments and techniques
  • Assessment of measuring methods
  • Measurements done on materials as they are produced or used


  • Get results you can trust, rapidly
  • Measurement service for most measuring tasks made by our instruments
  • Make measurements yourself in our laboratory after training
  • Establishment of the most adequate measurement method for your samples

Consultancy & Training

  • Work together with an expert
  • Our application support is based on a long experience of practical cases
  • Strong expertise in granulometry to help you overcome potential difficulties
  • Training in the different domains that we specialize in
  • Three levels of training: Basic User, Advanced User and Expert

Instrument Rental

  • Rental of our instruments

  • Convenient “All included” packages

  • Short and long-term leasing

Maintenance & Repair

  • Keep your instrument fit
  • Quality of the maintenance and repair service
  • Our engineers are trained by our suppliers for all our instruments
  • Expertise in a wide range of instrumentation maintenance and repair

Calibration & Validation

  • Document the fitness of your instrument
  • Instruments calibration & validation according to the procedure and the recommendations of our suppliers
  • Detailed report of the check-up
  • Verification of the accuracy is based on certified standard samples
  • Certified calibration standards enable to perform calibration
  • Highest standard of quality and traceability

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