Malvern’s OMNISEC is a Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) / Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) system for the measurement of absolute molecular weight, molecular size, intrinsic viscosity, branching and other parameters. The OMNISEC system comprises the OMNISEC RESOLVE, an integrated pump, degasser, autosampler and column oven and the OMNISEC REVEAL, an integrated multi-detector module. This enables you to manage the separation and the detection within two advanced units. 

Measuring Types

Absolute molecular weight
Intrinsic viscosity


Light scattering: RALS 90° angle, LALS 7° angle, MALS
Differential refractive index: deflexion – baseline noise <10-7
Viscometer: 4-capillary Wheatstone bridge with self-balancing mechanism and user-exchangeable capillaries.
UV-Vis absorption: DAD spectrometer: 190 – 900 nm.


Pump flow rate: 0.005 – 10 mL/min
Pressure range: 0 – 5000 PSI (34.5 MPa)
Sample container types: HPLC vials or 96-well microtiter plates
Injection volume: 1 – 300 µL
Temperature control range: 4 – 60 °C
Data acquisition rate: 100 Hz


Fully automated system setup, acquisition and shut down
Fully-customizable reporting features
21CFR Part 11 compliant security package
Easy and intuitive to use


OMNISEC RESOLVE: 420mm x 640mm x 890mm (L x W x H). Weight: 62 kg
OMNISEC REVEAL: 420mm x 640mm x 600mm (L x W x H). Weight: 40 kg