Microvision Ellix software

Image analysis software dedicated to shape characterization


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ELLIX is an image analysis software for granulometry dedicated to the characterization of object size distribution depending on their shape. Ellix is supplied as a turnkey system for granulometric analysis of your materials and includes an optical instrument for image acquisition, Ellix in-house developed image analysis software, and the service you need. ELLIX is complying with all international industrial standards like ASTM, ISO, NF, VDA, USP, JIS, DIN…

Image acquisition

Digital camera connected to the lens
Image scanning – Real-time on-screen display
Instantaneous results displayed in presentation palette.


Thresholding and image processing
Object modeling
Measurements: length, width, area, minor and major axis, position, models ‘orientation, diameter, area of the objects
Form factors: elongation, eccentricity, aspect ratio

Measurements record

Repeatable analysis: cumulative results on an unlimited number of fields
Check and verification of measurements
Automatic repositioning of measured field (motorized scan)


Histogram and parameters
3D histogram to correlate 2 measurements
Directional rose
Measurements table
X, Y chart

Reports edition

Graphical representation module with customizable axes and scales: distribution histogram, scatter plot diagram, directional rose
Statistical calculations
Customized report