Malvern Panalytical Zetasizer Sample Assistant

Significantly improve your system utilization with the Sample Assistant – a new accessory for every Zetasizer Advance system. It frees the operator from manually changing samples.

The result? The same great data quality and versatility you expect from your Zetasizer Advance with even greater efficiency.

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The Zetasizer Sample Assistant significantly enhances your Zetasizer Advance system utilization by minimizing the downtime between samples, ensuring that your laboratory operates at peak efficiency without any compromise to data quality. This tool integrates seamlessly with your existing methods, simplifying the process of method transfer. If you find yourself needing to develop a new method, you can easily create one using the standard procedures in the Method Builder.

Furthermore, the Zetasizer Sample Assistant supports the use of multiple methods, even if they are all on the same sample tray, allowing for versatile handling of various tests concurrently. This versatility is paired with a user-friendly workflow that guides users through regular maintenance tasks effortlessly. By implementing these features, the Zetasizer Sample Assistant not only streamlines your laboratory operations but also boosts overall productivity and reliability.

Measuring modes

Size: Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) with Non-Invasive-Back-Scatter (NIBS).
Size and Concentration: Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS)
Zetapotential: Electrophoretic mobility (LDE) with Mixed Mode Measurement, Phase Analysis Light Scattering (M3-PALS).

Characteristics & Dimensions


Minimizes the time lost between samples.

Extends the workday or week.

Reduces time lost from cleaning flow cells between samples.

Operates safely (Co-bot): detects obstruction and stops safely.

Makes it easy to recover from a system failure: your data is safe and the last known state is preserved.

No risk of cross-contamination

Work together with your existing methods


600mm x 900mm x 734mm (L x W x H)

Weight (without Zetasizer) 45kg

Weight (with Zetasizer) 65kg


Cuvette Compatibility: Square polystyrene cuvettes (DTS0012); Disposable folded capillary cell (DTS1070) Plastic micro cuvette (ZEN0040); Square glass cell (PCS8501 and PCS1115); Low-Volume quartz batch cuvette (ZEN2112); Universal disposable sizing cell

Up to 6x 96 samples with the Universal disposable sizing cell

Minimum sample volume: 12µl (DLS); 20µl (LDE).


Standard Tray: up to 24 standard cuvettes such as DTS0012

Zeta Cell Tray: up to 12 Zeta capillary cell

Universal Cell Tray: 96 Universal disposable sizing cells with plan geometry of ANSI/SLAS 96-well plates to provide improved compatibility with multi-pipettes and fluid handling systems


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