Microvision Immulab Scanner

Image analysis software as single radial immunodiffusion reading and antibiogram reader for antibiotic efficiency

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IMMULAB is an image analysis software that analyzes serological tests to control the dosing of serums using radial immunodiffusion and to measure antibiotic efficiency using antibiogram readings. Immulab can be supplied as a turnkey system that includes an optical instrument for image acquisition, Immulab image analysis software, and the service you need but also as a stand-alone software integrated to the optical system you already have. Immulab meets life sciences industry standards: it is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and Data Integrity compatible.


EPSON Scanner for image acquisition:
EPSON flatbed scanner
High resolution 6400 dpi (ppp)
Dual lens system
1 min. preheating time
Optical density of 4D max
Digital ICE technology to remove blemishes
Matrix CCD optical sensor

Image acquisition

Study parameters to be defined
Randomization diagram: adjustable grid superimposed on the image


Automatic precipitation arcs measurement according to the method adapted to the staining, contrast and sensitivity of the test
Manual modification of the diameters possible with a different color and marked with a different color


Exportable in .txt or .csv format
Easy integration into Excel macros


Test parameters and images with measurement plots integrated
FDA CFR 21 Part 11 standard compliance via Integrity Manager software